Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It is Finished!

One thing fun about Camembert cheese is the short aging time.  The other is the transformation facilitated by the Penicilium Camemberti mold.  The cheese goes from being mild, firm and boring, to having a snow white exterior, and flavorful, lusciously silky inside.
Yes, the Camembert is already done!  
Actually, it could stand to go another week or two, but it tastes amazing and has lovely texture as it is.  I would like it to get a little oozier, but am also wondering if letting it go longer will cause it to develop an ammonia flavor.  The last batch I made had a hint of ammonia, and this one has none!  The rind on this cheese was even delicious...and I don't normally appreciate rinds.


Lori said...

Well done, Alex. I can [almost] taste it!

Alex ... said...

I can give samples if you want to stop by! =)

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